Dear Dominus “Help Me Understand” 03/06/2019


Dear Dominus. I take my brothers and my best friend advice but I am still confused on how to find out definite results. Now they tell me when I finally get to live with a woman I have to smell she panty that’s normal and any man who care bout he girl do it when she come home at night. She does come home and go straight in the bath so when she drop then in the dirty panty basket 1254225I does ease in and smell it to see what she was doing all day when she can’t see. I don’t have a problem smelling it a man got to do what a man got to do but now what got me confused is that some days it does smell like pure pee, other times it does smell like when we fuck like a raw pussy sex smell, other times it smell like baby powder, other times it does smell like pussy juice, 4445794_images14_jpegda01dbfbdd9365f5db2a6d38f6d43e23sometimes it have on white oil and other times the oil clear. When she got white oil is dat a man sperm dat run out when she done cheat on me? Dominus I know I doing what every man that live with he woman does do but I new to this relationship thing this is my 3rd girl I went to St. Len*** (All boys school) I was all about book at school but now this is the first girl who ever live with me the other 2 horn me bad bad I tired getting horn like a fool and cant tell when other men who does most likely smell each panty know in one. How I will know which smell is when she cheat on me cause all my brother tell me is that I would know, he know he girl tall he can tell when she period due from smelling the seat but he cant explain I must learn how she natural smell is and then she cant trick me but Dominus I don’t know which smell is the smell when she step out on me can you please help me understand? he also tell me I must eat she at random and demand she let me do it and I does do that but I honestly aint know what I looking for. Please help me with honest answers so I can learn this technique.

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