Dear Dominus “Help me find someone” 31/10/2019


Dear Dominus. I am having a hard time finding a man who can kiss me right. Dom I love wet sloppy dripping with saliva kisses. I love to be choked and spit in my mouth and I spit back in his. I find that Bajan men are not into this and the last man I told this to, dancers-wanted-small2he brought up some slimy green coal from the back of his throat and spit in my mouth and I did not even realise until the taste and texture hit the back of my throat. That was so disgusting I kicked him in the nuts and pushed him off me. He told me that I said I loved spit play but that is not what I meant. I love a man with fresh warm silky spit that I can rub all over my face and all in my pussy to mix with my oils, donate some of the same spit back to him while I slide down his saliva moistened pole. I want him to push his hand in my mouth down my throat and make me gag and drink all my spit that comes out my mouth from reflex. I don’t mind kissing a female who is sloppy with her spit like a baby that drools all over my lips and face 2000x2000-10and leave me dripping wet with sexy saliva. Oh God the thought is turning me on I have to go and play with myself now Dom, but I just can’t seem to find a man who is willing and not a smoker with horrible breath. Can you help me find someone even if it is a woman to do this?

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