Dear Dominus “Had enough” 25/10/2017


Dear Dominus. My bff and I was discussing her current situation as I explained to her you and your readers help me out with my problem back then with different views and I thank you all. So I told her I write you for her since her internet is down so here goes. My bff is a beautiful lady she’s 45yrs old her Fiancé who is 50yrs old he’s works Mon-Fri this man drink ***** beer from Mon-Sun always in a bar morning noon and night.

Man alone at a bar

So by the time they both get home she is ready to eat dinner with him but here’s the joke he says he eats late and rather go by bar drink and chill with her or without cause he isn’t ready to sleep as yet. She try explain after a long day she just wants some alone time with him not in a bar with friends or people he sees every day. Now they been together for four years engaged for 1yr now this man told her she’s miserable she always complaining so she ask him just because she ask for time cause they are not spending time together his reply was she ask too much questions. WTF Dominus. Hmm now listen to this she call him yesterday to ask where he was before she even say anything he said he’s working late. She told him that he didn’t say anything she was worry something happen after she didn’t see him reach in and she was just concerned and dinner was ready and ask him why he didn’t tell her that he was going to be late the man reply to her he didn’t know he had to tell her she was working late he’s his own man. She told him ohkkk and hang up this man came home after 10pm in the night. The next day she told him she be an hour late cause she have papers to mark she meet him by the bar to get a ride home this one time. Now in the afternoon she meet him up by the bar, spend half hour. He’s looking at the girl  who bartending, had-enoughif the girl went right his eyes went right if she went left his eyes went left my bff said she felt so bad and hurt cause it was as if she wasn’t there and she told him she’s ready and she wait outside for him. He took his sweet time she say 5mins to come out, so on the way home in the car argument break out between them he telling her it’s his eyes and she’s being miserable. She always want to know his business wants going on in his life and her response was because I care. She started to cry this been 4weeks if she calls him, he’s snapping at her but as soon as he gets home he’s all so sweet with sweetheart this and that. Next day when he’s out at the bar he’s snapping again then as he gets home she’s his sweetheart. Dominus my bff trip last night and hit him across his hands with a hammer and broke two of his fingers he was so shocked but I told her it’s so much a woman can take when her emotions have been played with. She decided to leave this morning and go rent a room cause she has no family here in bim so I told her she can come straight by me from work and stay as long as she likes. Dominus this woman cooks dinner ahead so he can take work on mornings and always cooking and cleaning but she just had enough she said she will still go clean and cook still for him and pay his bills and buy groceries cause he have two wks home but she will not be staying over by him and I told her ok no problem, what ever she decided I’m with her but just take a few weeks alone by me, if it’s her he really wants her he will come after her and pull himself up. I also told her she was wrong for breaking his fingers but I do understand what cause her to flip. teaser-6Her fiance told her don’t leave but she explained she really needed this time and find herself back cause she love him more than she loves herself that she always felt alone always home in a house how he neglected her over and over how she cry her self to sleep night after night. If he knew he didn’t wanted her he should of told her up front if he wanted to flirt play around let her go and find someone who would have appreciated her dreams and goals she was planning with him let someone else appreciate it and how she didn’t deserved it she put her heart out Dominus when she told me this I cry. So question to you all should she give him a chance after this time cause she still loves him as i told her let him do all the moves. She try an try it’s his turn now for actions not talk prove he needs her not tell her. I’m I wrong?? Sorry for mistakes guys don’t crucified me plz.

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