Dear Dominus “Got to get way” 12/07/2017


Dear Dominus. To lose the woman that you love so bad does make you get sick. It made me stop eating, working and building my house. It was supposed to be me and her in the house and now it is empty. . I did like this woman so bad, she horn me 3 times and each time I forgive she. Woman get another man name tattoo on her foot in between some other tattoos and I had to look real good to find out it was a man who did live out by her mother that was fucking she. This woman used to take my money I give he, and go and buy weed from the man she fucking and buy drinks for he too. Men don’t like to admit things and I take all them things silently and keep them quiet so nobody would know what happening to me. A man call me a morning, after I done fuck she from 5 in the morning till 6 am and leff she in my house sleeping cause I had to push off at work. Man call me and tell me to tell the boss I have something real important to show me. I get pick up and de man carry me on a beach and show me my woman inside a man car and she did putting back on she clothes. get-way-2Woman say she just went for a beach dip but it was the same weed man from out by she mother and the man say he did fucking half hour earlier. It hurt me to tell she me and she done and this woman keep sending me messages and pussy pics telling me she want to come back. I put she out but it so hard for me not to take her back. As a woman she sweet and she bitter but she know how to rub me the right way. When she pass here I does have to pretend I not home cause I too weak with she I does let she in and feed her, give she things sometime even money even though I know she is a snake who probably just come from fucking another man. The woman does come to my house dress sexy as cunt and if i not there she would waint under the street light for a good while till i get home and when i see she i doesn cant say no. teaser-2DOMINUS I DOES KNOW SHE AINT NO GOOD BUT WHEN SHE ASK I CANT OPEN MY MOUTH TO SAY NO. It is only when she gone I does say boy you is a real cunt but if she come back I still open de door if she see inside. She is a real seductive woman too, look real sweet and I cant control myself around her, so it is best I run and go somewhere else. If the house was finish I would rent it out and go and rent somewhere I don’t care if I spending more but I got to get way from she. Yea Dom, I man enough to say a few nights she come here when I was watching TV with my door open and outside did cold and we end up fucking and she ask to borrow money; but I love she but I loving she now from a distance. I does break me up to see she got up pics with she and other men, woman send me a message saying he does fuck she in she ass just as good as me, cause I is the man who break she into that and got she liking it so bad. I don’t know if other people does got this problem getting over an ex but I want to know how to do it.

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