Dear Dominus “Got in drinks” 08/07/2019


Dear Dominus. This is not a real pervert  story but it is something that I want u post Dom to hear what people say. Me and my girl does go out to real nuff crop over events. Whenever I pick she up she does tell me she glad to go partying with me cause I have she back and I know how she does get on when she got in drinks. She does do the dog and I does got to make sure she aint do no cunt or wonder way before she do more cunt that she would regret. So we went *** and we was drinking good she went to the bathroom and pee and come back on a hype like drinks kick in one time she did getting on so drunk it must be that last shot we had. So she start dancing with other men and I wasn’t really digging nothing but I could tell from the drinks she was going overboard, tekking men and and put to squeeze she bubbies and slap she on she ass and bare cunt. uptown-mondays_1Woman was getting on wassy and I know she wouldnt do it normally. I tell she time to go home and hold she hand. Woman start to get on bad and I pull she and tell she come long before she start doing cunt. Domibnus this woman start hitting me and keeping nuff noise and to ppl who aint know what going on it look like a man harassing a woman and she balling leff sahe alone she is a big woman. I wasn’t leaving she and it turn out that men come in she she and  pull she off and tell me step. Woman was getting on like she had it all together, security come and tell me leff the woman and a plain clothes police tell me go home she is a big woman responsible for sheself it aint like we married or nothing, but I know she head did tear and long and short of the story I wasn’t allowed near she again and when I hear the shout  she went long to another breakfast party with the men she was partying with. Now Dom she get home all in the evening saying she sleep it off. Now I don’t know where she went she say it wasn’t nothing she just party with the fellas and smoke a li bit but de question I asking wunna is when u go out with ya man or woman at what point when dem drunk do u let them go long especially if dem getting on real bad.

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