Dear Dominus “Give Me That” 01/07/2019


Dear Dominus. I want to hear the feedback from this situation. Well this weekend gone, me and my girl did playing a game on she phone together. A whatsapp message come up as a notification dropdown from a guy who she swear she don’t talk to no more with a questionable message. It obviously a cotinuation of a conversation cause ya cant start a convo with that she was talking to he before. resized-16imm I ask she what dat bout I thought u don’t talk to he no more cause Dom he was a problem before. SHe take up she phone off the bed between we and say it aint nothing. I tell she give me your phone now lemme see then and she say she aint got to give me she phone and clutch it tight. I tell she, GIVE ME THAT PHONE LET ME SEE WHAT GOING ON IF IT AINT NUTTIN and she tell me I aint got to show you my phone. I had this woman for 8 years, we live together and got children. A younger me would’ve snatched she phone and show she what going on cause it wasn’t lock I did just want she give me it on she own to prove to me it wasn’t nutting. I did starting to feel like a pussyhole  that I just let she hold she phone and talk back to me so and deny me something that I clearly as she to do, but I think bout it vex as cunt with blood in my eyes. Before I do cunt, I get up out the bed and walk outside and cool my head for a lil 5 minutes or so. After the  5 minutes I come back cool and she tell me you want to see my phone? Look it hey now I tell u it aint nothing. I tell she if she aint had nothing to hide she wuldve give me the phone the same time but I went out the room so she had chance to delete and clean up. Dom I aint even look at she phone and I aint touching nor fucking round she phone ever again in life. When we out partying don’t fucking put it in my pocket or ask me to hold it hold it in ya hand all nite don’t even ask me to take it off the charger for you den. She claiming she sorry she want we to work and she aint want me vex with she and that I can look through she phone now but I dare not touch it cause of this situation. Post this for me Dom and let me hear what the ppl got to say. I feel she had something in that convo to hide but I would never know. It bothering me but it mek no sense asking now and she say next time she will show me she didn’t want to mek me vex. I just feel next time she will remember to delete line by line. Thoughts ppl, what wunna would’ve done in my situation or wunna just feel I move like a pussyhole for not snatching and locking off she phone to get my answer?

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