Dear Dominus “get off my chest” 16/01/2019


Dear Dominus. I begging you to please start back posting because there is something that I need to get off my chest but I cant tell the person to their face because of what it is. You see it involves family, and you know my sister good. Well you know that she marry **** now, since she cool down sheself and settle down with he. I was happy that she was finally getting her life together but she was real unsure about making that big step, cause you off all people should know she does cant keep she legs shut and she does have 3 and 4 men same time all the time to help she out. Well a few months before she get married, she tell me to find out for she if he got another woman, if he is a dog and if he really faithful if she going to give up she first boy father for he for good. I tell she I will find out. Dominus I walk round the house in a t-back and a white shirt or bathe and just walk bout in my towel and lay down in he lap, I flirt and I even create a fake account on IG and FB to try to talk to this man and he aint budge. On FB and IG he tell me I real pretty and sweet and thing but he got a girl and he trying to do the right thing and hold she down. The man was so respectful in turning me down it make me see how much of a good man he is. That is when I really start to like he a kinda way, but I never push up myself after that, I had gotten closer to him when I was testing him and he get accustom seeing me in little clothes since I does walk bout the house almost naked anyhow I hate clothes. It only take a year for my sister to fall back into she old ways, start horning he with she first lil boy father, even though she was pregnant for he. He come to me crying a night bout he cant take it no more. She say she was out by we aunt, but we aunt was there by we at the time and he put it all together and plus too somebody was always telling he that he car always out through *** gap, where the man live. Then is when it first happen between me and he, cause we did smoking hard in the yard and reasoning. That first time sex was so good, he know how to use he tongue. untitledShe come home that night and she aint even know that he did just come out of my bed. Since then we did doing it all the time, and I get pregnant for he in less than a month, so two a we did pregnant for he the same time, but the only thing is that I really LOVE he and she just using he for stability. I know L**** is my sister, but the things she doing to he it aint right Dom, I does wash he clothes and cook for all of we, sometimes give he money cause he does give her his pay pack to pay the bills, while she out there with not only she first son father but another man she now meet spending he money on them to buy weed and drinks. I know he love me, and I ask he for a second child and he say ok, he does cum inside me all the time now, but this time I want to do it the right way. He frighten what going to happen to we as family but we all big now so it is time for things to come out. I tired pretending that **** (child) from a lil fling, cause it aint nothing so and I tired pretending that I don’t love him cause I love him and I hate the way you treat him sis. You deserve this, you out every couple of nights giving way u pussy and don’t expect the man to feel a way? Well he turn to me and he don’t just watch movies in my bedroom, he keeping my bed warm.. L**** (sister) I keep you secret for as long as I could but I love he and I tell he what u was doing behind he back while wunna was engaged and now that wunna married cause he love me and I love he and I would never do that to he. He is enough for me and I will not let you abuse a good man. He says he shouldve married me in the first place and I am informing you that he wants to leave you, to marry me.

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