Dear Dominus “Friends or Man” 27/08/2019


Dear Dominus. I am writing this lettre on behalf of my little cousin. She is 29 but she is so confused that she doesnt know what to do. She has been engaged for 2 years and her fiance actually found out that she was cheating on him with a friend who rolls with her circle of girls. npa-aug-31-dMy cousin would cover up the affiar with all the girls nights out all of them going to the beach as a group or going partying or liming or helping out a friend. She is really sorry she made this mistake and the man also wants to work it out. He gave her an ultimatum. he told her lose her friends or lose him. He is of the opinion that her friends knew he was getting horned and what she was doing and covered up for her and laughed at him behind his back, plus the guy is also heavily associatied with this circle of friends. She is saying she will stop talking to the guy like that but it is unreasonable that she would have to lose her friends as well just to keep him. What do ou think Dominus. Should she quit her friends too?

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