Dear Dominus “Freedom” 23/07/2019


Dear Dominus. This is all new to me so it really has me between two minds. I know that this may sound like I am a cunt by how it comes across but my man is giving me too much freedom. I would tell him Babe I thinking about going so and so and all he says is OK enjoy. He doesn’t question me or asked who will be there nothing. Dom, sometimes even before I finish my statement about where I am going he says its OK enjoy. I even tested him and said well me ex told me about coming to the movies to watch and then some drinks by *** bar afterwards and e said OK bae enjoy and  be safe. cover-social-media-promoI asked him why he doesn’t question me about my where abouts and he says a woman will do what she wants to do with or without his blessing. Dominus it gets so bad that even when I stay out really late and supposed to call him when I get home he doesn’t call or check. Even when I am to come home from work and I am late or something he waits for me to call him and he doesn’t question why I was so late or nothing. With him its no questions, no matter what I do or say. Dom, one time I went to town and was busy all day and the evening I was to come by him and my cousin was driving me and before I came home, I went home and cleaned up myself and decided to go by him without a panty. I sat in the chair and opened up myself and told him here is his dinner, and he started to ask, Bae did you go… and the he stopped and said sorry don’t bother and just came and ate me out. I mean Dom, most men would’ve wanted to know where I was all day without a panty cause he didn’t know I stopped home and he didn’t even look out or ask who was driving me. I have the freedom to do whatever I want and he seems like he doesn’t are about policing me. He doesnt have any quarrels or opinions about what I wear out nor nothing. I purposely came out in a bright panty and a see through dress to go out with friends  06d813410b35c34f73bec9672859e1deI see when he face skin up so I ask what does he think and he said well if thats what you like its up to you. My friends says that he cant love me to allow me to go anywhere with anyone at anytime and only if a man loves you he controls your movements or monitors them. All my friends men have them on a short leash, some even do random video calls to spot check them and my man doesn’t even bother me at all. So That is the question I am asking, do u think that he loves me since he is giving me all this unquestionable freedom? He says he does, but my friend say he is just along for the ride.

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