Dear Dominus “Foursome” 14/09/2017


Dear Dominus. It is on a sad note that I am writing you for help and advice. I did something, a few months ago that has come back to bite me in the ass. I had a fantasy from watching so much porn growing up for having a foursome. It always turned me on to see the little boney white girl getting fucked by 2 or 3 big cocked black men. I swear that was the only thing I masturbated to and still do now. I said that before I settle down I have to try that at least once. Dispite what people may think, it was hard to find three guys willing to do this that I found fairly attractive and it took me years of saing I will do this I will do this before it actually got set up when I met these three friends at a picnic. What they thought was a joke turned into something serious when they realized I wasn’t joking. The main one rented an apartment in Christ Church and took me there and I told them that I wanted to have all three at once or the fantasy would not come through and since I never thought of trying anal I asked to skip that part but one of them let me call him T***** convince me it would be alright since he walked with lube and his dick was by far smaller than the rest. HE told me he would be gentle and he actually was and the situation went well where I had one in my mouth or hand, one in my vagina, and P in my ass or my mouth foursome-2which ever was switching position was. T** was the only one who did anal with me and I wanted my experience to end with a full three guy creampie in my vagina like I always watched so I could feel it running out of me. The guy who was the main flirt I was talking to come first inside me and then went outside and smoked and left P and his other friend with me and the other friend and then T** last. T** did something strange after he came inside me. It was only him and me inside the room and he bend over after he finish cum inside me and started to eat me all over again till I come. I found it strange that a man would do that but I just enjoyed the moment and when I stood up to feel it running out nothing much came out. I asked the guys to fuck me once more before I go and they did and come inside me in the same way again but this time I stood up and it turned me on to feel the warm sperm running down my leg. teaser-1Dominus it made it all the way to my ankle it was so much. I never wanted a relationship with any I just wanted fun and I let them know that and it was cool but each one of them just kept messaging me on Facebook wanting to know when they could see me again and fuck me blah blah but once was good enough for me plus I was talking to someone elese who would never ever in this life consider my fantasy but overall he was a good dude. How things went wrong is now I am pregnant, and I messaged the guy and one blocked me immediately and that was my only contact for him, the other said that if I call his name in anything he will reveal how much of a whore I am and how things went down. T** is the only nice one, and I start off by threatening he about telling the rest what he did and he said no need for that he down for whateverhe can be there for me but I honestly think he is undercover bisexual cause he waited till both guys were out of the room to eat all of them cum of me and I am not sure I want this as a father for my child. He said he would help me but he told me he wants to cum inside me all the time and he can eat me out after. Dominus I was kind of okay with his freaky ways but when I started to talk to him on whatsapp and he really opened up more and said something that scared me off. T** asked me to pee and shit in his face. I am so serious. He said he is even willing to pay me to do it. I was in shock and could find nothing to respond and say. Dominus he is a man who works for good money, he in government, appointed and all and you would never believe he would ask anyone that. He even told me he wants it to be softer so it can run all over his face and he can give me a laxative to help that. T** trusts me now and he tells me all sorts of nasty stuff like that and he even offered to pay for a day home from work so we can get really freaky somewhere without me loosing money. Dominus I am not a slut, I had this ONE fantasy that I was to do ONCE and now I am not about this guy T who is the only one who is speaking to me. I let what I did come out I have a good job and keep to myself and I just did this one fantasy I swear I never even had anal sex after that but now I am out of options since my boyfriend and I have finished I could not put a child on him that isn’t his. I cant afford raising a child on my own, pay rent and all of my bills. I need help I am 26 weeks pregnant now and I have not even bought a sock yet. Can anyone help me?

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