Dear Dominus “Foop Stick” 11/04/2019

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Dear Dominus. It is only when I am writing to you that I can think logically, but literally I am weak around him. He looked at me and told me that I am his foop-stick. Normally I would find it offensive but the kind of sex that he gives me leaves me unable to say no. This man just knows my every button and turns me into a fool for sex. Let me tell you how I met him. We went on a cruise, and he looked so fucking good I was just staring. Thing is he had a woman latch onto him all night. When she went to the bar to get more  drinks he came and just told me his number and say message me. Cocky aint it? He aint even say his name just 8***** message me. Stupid me message him same time. Every time his girl walked away I was sending a message and he was responding, every response just got me so wet so turned on. He asked me to slap a girl who was passing on her ass if I was kinky enough to be with him and silly me did it, lucky thing the girl had a good sense of humour or I would’ve gotten into a fight over his stupid command. Anyways, he told me that his girl is going by him, but leaving after in an hour or less and he wants me to wait outside. Now here comes silly me. I took a taxi to his address, and alone, as a female in short party dress waited for him on an empty deserted block in the cold until a taxi came for his girl. I was literally just sitting on a rock just watching his house for an hour, couldn’t believe that I am so far doing cunt to myself. The rain drizzled, I didn’t move, The wind was cold and I didn’t move, just because he said sit there on that block and don’t move. Nobody would interfere with youj and if somebody ask u any cunt tell them u waiting on **** (initial). He finally message me and told me to come inside. I did, I asked did you and you girl have sex? He asked if I really wanted to know and he said yes and made me get down on my knees to taste his dick and say he didn’t wash it off yet but he hopes that I like the taste of her oil. The humiliation turned me on more. His every touch, how he eat me from behind, how he fucked me rough and pulled my hair, slapping my ass and pulling it out and making me suck his dick until it was time to stick it back in, and yes, all without a condom. Stupid huh, but yes he said you dont wrap up good dick, you embrace it. I had the hottest sex in my life, and I only know and initial of his name as a nickname. He told me his sperm is special so I have to swallow it all, and for the first time I did and I loved it. Since then, he has been calling me for his booty calls, either I pay a taxi or he comes for me. Thing is Dominus, I have met a man who is really good to me, but I still cant say no to this other man. I have left my man at a picnic with the excuse of an emergency just to have sex with him and then come back to him. I have gone in a public bathroom with him to suck his penis and then from afar he watched me and made me kiss my man, after I swallowed all his babies. He doesn’t want me to be his girl, although I would love it, he just says I am his foop-stick to fuck whenever he is horny or when his girl aint please him. He calls me for threesomes, he calls me and makes me do anything he wants and like a fool. eb0c4251e129bc597174250065a46874He has taken so many sex pictures of me and I hate myself afterwards but I do it again and again. I am so hung up over how he is and how he looks I do it, no questions asks. That is never what I wanted in live, but life happens, and here I am, a slave to his pleasure. Dom it is so bad that he has made me miss work just cause he needed me, and I never miss work I need the money for my bills. I have even given him money without asking for it back, and he is in a better situation that me. I don’t know how I have gotten so stupid behid his penis, but I am definitely dickmatized, and all I have tried all it takes is his message, his call or even just a look for me to get weak and fall into his trap, over and over again. AM I ever gonna get over him and move on?

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