Dear Dominus “Feel like giving in: 12/03/2019


Dear Dominus, Please post. I need your advice. There is this man who wants to be with me for years now. He presently has a girlfriend who mistreats him. I have a boyfriend and things are going great. The thing is my boyfriend is overseas and we don’t see each other in person that often. Dominus, this guy is in love with me and keeps saying it repeatedly. We have never been single at the same time to ever give us a try. He wants me to leave my boyfriend to be with him which I find a bit difficult to do because there is fear of the unknown. He said he would leave his girlfriend because he is not happy with her and his happiness is with me.kink-link-23-mar These are words I do not hear from my boyfriend but they are just words.Well, I do not really know where my boyfriend is in terms of being committed to making our relationship work and move to higher levels. beauty-by-o11I do not want to leave my boyfriend because I do not have evidence of anything that would promt me to but I also do not know if fate would have it that I end up with this other guy at some time in my life. At times, I feel like giving in to him but I don’t want to hurt my bf so I don’t. I did not even like this guy at first but over the years he has been so persistent, it makes me feel like he really loves me and I have developed a liking for him. He even calls me his wife. I’m confused as to where I should leave my heart. Please help.

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