Dear Dominus “Enough Reason?” 02/03/2108


Dear Dominus.  I read the letter the other day and it made me want to write in. Well my situation is kinda similar so I want to hear what people think too. Well my man is not sick, hes healthy and fine. He just doesn’t listen to me or pay me any attention. He speaks to me harshly and the other day he told me just the sound of my voice pisses him off, and then 30 minutes later came want me to open my legs for him to give him pussy. I gave him, I push him down and fuck him good even though I did not enjoy it, he is the father of my 2 children and I love him, but I don’t get turned on by him anymore. teaser-16Apart from the arguments we are cool and he treats everyone fair but when he is mad he is MAD. Now on the other side, when I met him, I told him I love to be eaten. He doesn’t do it. He says he has no problem doing it but he just finds excuse after excuse not to go down on me. ad-88020Along with the arguments, and the fact that he doesn’t turn me on, sex has become a chore and I crave a real heated intimate affair to have my knees weak and my pussy dripping jus from thinking about it. Is the fact that I continually ask him to eat me and he refuses year after year a good enough reason to let someone else do it? Dom I mean I do everything he asks of me sexually, whether I want to do it or not, but he means that he is not going down on me no matter how much I beg saying he doesn’t really like it. So, people please be honest and not just cruel and insulting like *******, do you think that I have enough reason to pelt a horn in him and haff him for not eating? I even let him fuck my ass no matter how much it hurts me, and yes I hate it with a passion but I do it cause he is my man, and he cant eat this sweetness when I ask him? No way, I am not pleased about that. and what makes matters worse is that i dont look bad, enough-reasonmen beg to do things with me every single day of my life and i tell them no because i want to be true to him, but then i am not hapy with my sex life and i need more attention to make me smile.

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