Dear Dominus “Emotionally Drained” 15/08/2019


Dear Dominus. My boyfriend is the bigger bread winner in the house. Recently I found out that the reason he loves Lea** P*** song so much is that he really has a sometime. I only found out because he and her had a noise and he was giving her the silent treatment. I guess out of frustration she started chain calling him and he was ignoring saying its work and that he isn’t going back into work tonight. npa-aug-31-cI told him to answer the phone or let me answer and he told me stay out of it and if I do anything stupid I will regret it. I couldn’t take it anymore and I snatched the phone from his hands and ran in the bathroom with it. I thought that was a good idea at the time but when I answered the frustration in her voice gave up all their secrets. He was trying to kick open the door and I asked so many questions that now the answers and things she told me are still haunting me at night. The things he did for her sexually he doesn’t even do for me even though I told him that he could try them with me he refuses but does everything with her. The money he spends on her he claims he doesn’t have anything left back after bills. I am broken and the only reason I still stay is because I cant afford to move with my two children. If I ask him about her he just stupses and say so what he is not the first to have an outside woman nor will he be the last.  I am stuck in a house with awful thoughts of him being on top another woman and enjoying it. When he touches me I just think of how he touches her. He even tells me open my legs or he will just take a drive to see his sometime. We have 4 children together and that is the reason why I am staying, but I feel like putting cement in his porridge or something else in mine. I cry every night till no more tears come out, and he just watches his movie and ignores me until he is horny. He gets on like this anytime I ask about her or mention anything about their situation. He torments me without with his eyes. I regret taking the phone. Going to work is my only relief and I HATE where I work. I wish I could unhear that woman’s voice in my ears. I am emotionally drained and I feel like I am losing my mind.

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