Dear Dominus “Dominus’ advice” 08/05/2019


Dear Dominus. My girl tell me that I am not romantic enough she want more than a lie down open up legs and fuck so that is why I come to you and ask you about how I can be a bit more kinky with she but still not nasty because she is my personal girl. I accustomed to town rats that when them say them want kinky that mean them want me bull them hard but my girl that I got now aint about that life , she say she want romance and love making. You tell me that instead of whip cream cause she don’t like that I can use de thick fruit cocktail in heavy syrup and her*** strawberry syrup on me and she since she like all of that cunt. I do what you tell me Dom, I pour syrup on she and fruit cocktail and eat it off she and eat she pussy so good it did taste sweet with all that fruit coctail and syrup I even do what you say and put it in the fridge a bit and mek it cold and she did like dat and she do the same to me. natural_love_making-4_tmbWe had sex slow and sweet and it did kinda sticky but she did like that kinda shite and we had some good sex de night and she sleep over by me. She tell me that she like the sentimental thing and we got to do it more often we never kiss so long and she tell me how much she love and appreciate me and she can do this she whole lifepassion-sex-headstands-nerddna-1 and that is when I message u and tell you thanks Bro. What fuck up the whole night after dat for we is that something wake she up aint know bout 3 something she was going to pee mussie and cockroaches de all over 2 a we and all pon she pussy and my bird had on dem lil red ants and cockroaches and johnnie possums, de whole rasshole bed did full. Dominus ya fuck me up. How you going tell me use them things and them things got nuff shite crawling all over we. Dem things crawl from outside through the floor boards and de empty can was on the sideboards had in nuff ants and cockroaches too. I did felling the lil things but I did sleeping too hard but when she wake up de TV did still on and I jump up when she scream and I see the bed full of them and 2 black mellipides. Fuck You for you foolish rasshole advice cause now she say she never sleeping be my no fucking more.

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