Dear Dominus “Does she really care” 16/08/2019


Dear Dominus. I am writing in because this woman behaviour got me so confused that I have to ask your if she really cares. So I had suspected my wife was cheating because of her behaviour and other things and last night I get a call. My partner say W* if you promise not to freak out and be calm I got something to tell you. I say yea what going on. Man say you wife down here in de bar with she outside man. Dom my head get fry and de man say he sending 2 men in a car for me ASAP. Track backwards just before my wife left home last night, she was kissing me up telling me she only going out by her gf to have a drink not with anyone and that I can trust her and ask me what she can do to make me feel better. npa-aug-31-cShe say that  I can call her anytime whenever I want to and she would answer the phone and swore to God she not meeting anyone other than her gf. Fast Forward now, I roll up to the bar now in the car tint out and confirm it is she and he and them sitting down at the table in the front like man and woman and the men hold me and calm me down, make sure I aint got no weapons and tell me think about the children and be cool. So first thing I do was to leave a note in her car saying “the marriage is over” in case things aint play out and then I walk inside the bar right up to the table where they were both sitting enjoying their drink and stared her in her face said, yea I see what you doing, you made our choice and walked away. Now Dom this is the part that has me good. 45 mins pass, no call from her, no text no nothing. When I was walking away I looked back and she was still sitting and she didn’t even move a muscle. I went home and packed a bag immediately and left and it is only after she got home and realised that I had moved out that she started to call me crying saying to lets talk it over, but before that she was probably still at the bar for all that time maybe even finishing her drink with her man (well I don’t know what she was doing I am just guessing.) BTW, the friends she had claimed to be liming with were outside the bar while she was having her date on the inside. Dom she acted like I was an ex just being jealous or someone she cared nothing about and not her husband. Was that out of fear or her being stunned that she was caught or does she not give a fuck. So the question to all of you is. If you were caught with your sometime red handed, do you say nothing to your real person or do you try to talk to them even if it’s a lie that nothing is going on.

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