Dear Dominus “Dis aint rite” 12/11/2018


Dear Dominus. I write dis as a warning to my foolish nieghbur. She is 20 and she does be down behind every man dat feel he is a bad boy or got nuff tattoo or say he got big gun or cum from prison. Who does want a man dat fresh out a prison, only cuntholes like she. She live in a little shantee dat she brother ***** dat dead  build when he did livin in dem grand mudda yard, and every week a different man in dey tear up she pokey and the next week she on pon man. But even doa she wuffless and nasty to fuck jailmen bareback, de worse thing is dat she got a young chile dat live in dey with she and I ask she the other day how she does foop all these men so hard and I does cud hear she from next door keeping noise like a skeet and she 3 year old son in dey laying down. fri-night2Dominus in dey aint big, everytin in one, even if the lilman sleeping on the long chair it touching the bed. My bedroom at the back just where she shantee is and I cud hear she balling for more cock and more murder on a night. cover-social-media-promoI ask she how she son does sleep though it and the answer is the reason why I writing in to you Dom. She does mix mauby and put in ***** brown rum and give the little boy so he could fall sleep. Thing is she make sport and say she does got to put in more than a shot now cause he like he getting accustom to rum. These tings ain right she raisin a alkolholic. I tell she dat is bare cunt and if she don’t stop I will post what she deos do and if she continue I going call Child care Bord for she cunt. Post this Dominus please don’t try to trace this account keep my name out yam out but she always online so she will read it. K… stop doing cunt to this innocent lil boy he ain deserv nuttin so. Ya get warn. IDGAF that u liv rite dey stop or lemme call somebody fay a cunt.

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