Dear Dominus ” dipped in chocolate” 23/11/2018


Dear Dominus. My boyfriend has been beggin me to try anal sex and I did try it and the first 2 times it hurt like a bitch, but the third time, I bought some KY and the orgasm that I get from anal is so much more intense and better than vaginal sex. fri-night3The thing is, I am so much embarrassed about the smell of anal sex and after we were done he said his dick looked like a nutty cone with chunks of you know what all over it. The next time he teased me and said I gave him rum and raisin ice cream this time because a few pieces if raisins came out of me along with you know what. Anal sex is very much enjoyable but I don’t know why every time my stuff keeps comin out on his dick and it doesn’t happen in the movies. I tried using the bathroom just before, the morning of, and I even took the shower hose and gave myself a washout but still I am leaving residue chunks on  his stuff 1299384776408and my crack also is full of it even running down my leg from the mix of lube and my inside. He jokes about it, but he makes me wipe it off with the wet wipes on the side table because he says it belongs to me and hes not touching it. I don’t want this to become a problem, so is there anyone out there who practises good anal that can tell me what I am doing wrong? I really love him and I hate the look of disgust on his face when he is done and his stuff looks like it dipped in chocolate. I know he takes it to heart because he even got upset one time and stuck it into my vagina afterwards to clean it off because I was taking too long to recover and get up to wipe him off. I know all of the chunks did not come from inside me that same time but eventually it worked itself out and he refused to have oral with me for a few days because he said I smelt funny. Please, I know this is a touchy subject but I need some advice.

Thanks R.

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