Dear Dominus “Did he know?” 02/07/2019

(Original Caption) Tamara I, Prime Minister of the Rastafarian nation declared in the U.S. Virgin Islands, is at left. He was born Anthony Leroy in Haiti. At right is his chief advisor, Saloman Mu-sa-ya, who calls himself Ambassador General of the Rastafarian nation. Rastafarians are a cult of blacks who don't eat meat, believe in non-violence and smoking marijuana.

Dear Dominus. So hear this Dom. Me and a partner of mine we does go harbour **** and sometimes in holeto** and hustle tourists. We does ell we lil craft and ting on the beach and we does generally work round dem daily cause if you hit the right link you does make it big. Once a woman carry me to England and she give me over  15 grand pounds just before I left and when I was over there woman used to give me anything I ask for. I come back here and invest in a jetski and now me and my partner on the hustle again. So we went ***beach and these 2 sexy tourist was topless sunbathing on the beacholivia-love-and-jonelle-brooks-13 I say them got to be adventuraous and looking for fun so we approach them and them start to talk good with we. My partner friend that he choose did biting more than mines she say she got a man back home so she just chilling so we arrange to hang out next day we went bashe***a my partner thing give he heads in the back seat on we way taking back to where them was staying. Woman was bold she didn’t care if nobody see windows did down and it was in the middle of the day I had to roll dem up. I did cool though I like some kink all I tell he is does nasty up my seats when he spout and the woman say don’t worry she swallow every single drop and then she head back down bobbing and weaving. A next time we went out to a crop over even and my partner tell me give he the keys and when me and my friend come out he in dey she riding he reverse coygirl style. I believe in condoms but he say he don’t mind breeding she cause she give he 6 grand in the 3 weeks we meet them so he ride raw and cum in she. All a we get closer we seeing dem every day and my friend start coming round but she wasn’t passing no money like my friend friend and it was soon time to go back and dem did want to go to a secluded beach and I walk in on both of them changing in the bathroom and not my friend the other white woman got a small lil child looking dicky ya cunt. I had to double back to make sure it was what it was but it did a dicky small as fuck like a baby but not na pussy fa sure. Now I confused as rasshole. Both of them look good as rasshole, especially he one look good as cunt that is why he bong and say that one is his dem surpy, 05got sweet bubbies and dem pretty as rasshole. Woman look real as cunt I would never ask if she did a man ya cunt? Now I hey wondering if my man did know cause he fuck she raw, well he tell me she like to ride and she didn’t take off she panty she had on a dress and she was riding he. He tell me he does be like a boss she just like to ride and like he to cum in she or I should say IT. I het wondering if he did know or if he get trick all this time. I ask he how much times he fuck and he say he aint know but she like outside fucking so it was always on the beach and yea Dom she does wear nuff beach shorts with she top and he say she don’t take off she clothes cause of where dem does do it plus too most of the time she love giving heads so he don’t last long in she pussy cause it tight. Now hearing he tell me so I wondering if he lying or if he get trick or if he know and don’t care cause he on the downlow. I puzzle Dom what u think?

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