Dear Dominus “De Amazon” 24/05/2019


Dear Dominus. My girl went Cana** for a few years. In dat time we was honest and open and we say we ain’t fronting and we going let one another deal with other people but when we get back together here in Barbados we got to dun with who we was dealing with. When she first went cross dey we did green to sex, I didn’t even used to eat no pussy nor nothing Dom and she did only lick my dickie once or twice. She come back we did both 26 and we talk and we decide we back together and I tell she I going show she something a girl I was dealing with show me and I spead she legs and eat she pussy long long like RH but she different cause she aint come and den she tell me she going show me what de white fella dat used to tek care a she show me. Dom she put me on my back and I always used to hear men talk bout girls eat dem ass and she spread my legs open up my ass crack and eat um and it did feel ticklish but good and then she say she going put me in de amazon and I did like whas da and she put my foot on she shoulder, knees to my chest and bend back my dickie and fuck me like how a man does fuck a woman in foot on shoulder 1350065-t2and she come bout 9 times in 5 min den and den she do it till I come in she dats de first I ever come in a woman. She say how my dickie bend and hit de top of she pussy got she love it bad. Dom but on a real I did feel like a bitch with my foot up on she shoulder and she tell me dat is de only way she does fuck now and come in dis amazon ting but although it feel good I feel shame bout it mek me feel like a lil bitch plus she did choking me and slap me in my face once or twice she strong as RH I couldnt get way she did holding my foot up  dread and de look on she face does look evil ya RH kresto-647770-sex_position_161_or_amazon_position_especially when she ready to come. Da taint no reason to dun with she but that is the only sex she want to deal with she say nothing lse aint feel good. Wha to do Dom. Don’t post my name cause if anybody was to see how we does fuck people would swear she bulling me and I don’t deal with nothing so. Thing is Dom that she does tell she best friend everything and I ask she if she tell she dat we dealing again and she say yea and I ask she if she tell she about this amazon thing and she just laugh. Dom, slowly eveybody mekking a lil smart joke about it and I dont like dat it mekking me look small saying I dont fuck my woman she does fuck me and I got to ask she permission for this or that cause she wearing the pants plus she does lift weights and into nuff fitness crap so she got that bodybuilder body type she was always a gym girl. What make it worse is that she always used to dress like a boy she never like dresses nor nothing so and my brother tellme he hear about it and tell me he feel she like girls hor she does move. Woman does fuck like a man DOm, from beginning to end sweaty and all and I don’t knw what to thing.

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