Dear Dominus “Dark skinned Woman” 02/04/2019


Dear Dominus. All of wunna Bajans does talk about red women is de worst thing. Even Uncle L**** mek a song about it but I tell you Dom, a dark skin woman is a Red woman that went hell and get burn up in fire. I had this dark woman and its only in 2019 Jan we done. After we did dealing for 6 weeks she come and tell me that she have to get an extra job cause she pay get cut at work and she got a bill that she have to pay that real serious, it is from she grandmother funeral and she owe close to 15K. Woman say that it get to a point that it went court and she get order to pay $400 a month or she going up Dodds for contempt. I say nah I will help you out with $350 I can spare cause if she had to work nights I wouldve never see she cause she would never had time for me. For 3 years I help this woman every month pay for she grandmother funeral. Last payment was January 2019. A week after I make the last payment she child father come and drop off a letter by the house. I used to sleep there. He tek out a loan for she for the car she used to drive that she swear did belong to she uncle. Car was in he name and she was paying for it every month. When de man come when I was dey she was vex telling he that he cant come without calling and start getting on bad but she didn’t want me to hear but the man talk hard and dat is how I find out. When I ask she about it she say well I serve my purpose we done she aint got no use for me and she tired sexing me cause she got another man who she tell me is she uncle and two a dem tired pretending. Dominus de uncle did live there and used to watch  me come on some nights and hear me fuck. Man used to sleep in the next room and I now know why this man always used to be vex. But for 3 years this man hear me fucking and didn’t say a word. But I put in flat screen from Cou**** in the living room. Buy a new bed and even put paling round the house and all that time she uncle who she say home on diability just smoking weed and fucking she left right and centre. When de man hear she say so the man went for he sword and tell me watch my cunt from in he house he tired pretending too. Leff the house or dead. Wunna talking about Red women is de devil? I cant think of no woman more wicked than this black mother fucker. Another thing I forget to mention Dom. De grandmother aint dead, she gone way just before we start talking to she family in Guyana. Oh yea de dark girl is a Guyanese mix with Bajan. Dis woman is de biggest liar in Barbados beside ******.

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