Dear Dominus “Craving” 16/08/2017

Dear dominus i need some adice i have this problem in which i crave eating pussy so badly, forstly let me say i do not do it to every female i love-to-eatcome across, i know here in barbados consist of alot of std’s and sti’s so i try to limit it but somehow i just cant i can eat pussy for months wothout penetration and i would be fine i find that i have a serious problem i always have to be eating a pussy and it kind of effects my relationships teaser-5knowing that you’re the date doctor i am wonder if you know of any females in which would like to be orally pleased with no strings attached.

Sorry for the fake account but my girlfriend talks about this page regular so i have no choice for obvious reasons i cant go any more in depth of my problem but can you help
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