Dear Dominus “Cowardly Men” 08/02/2019


Dear Dominus. My boyfriend of 2 years says he wants to marry me. We are quite happy but we have one problem. 2 of my children fathers hate his guts because he was their friend at different times and now that he have me and the children tell them we getting married my first CF  J*** swear he would kill him if he ever puts his hands on he child. This has cause him to change how he was towards me and my children because of how he act. The thing both CFs are dead beats and don’t look after or support their children. hqdefault2I have 3 from J**** and 1 from B*** and my bf now used to support all of we.  Now that J**** getting on so, he say he cant deal with stress and does only give B**** child money but dont give the other 3 nothing. I tell he dat cant work all of we is a package and he tek offence. Now for the first time there is this wedge between us because he says he is not helping out with their children anymore and he will only support me. Is this right Dom? He wants to marry me but wont help me support my kids?  I am a full package and I don’t think that it is wrong for me to expect him to go into this marriage all the way instead of halfway. He has been living with me for almost 2 years and supporting these children has never been a problem not until now and I think it is only right and fair that he continue. He told me that he is having second thoughts about this marriage because of my children fathers and their behaviour towards him. He only buys groceries for the house and pays the bills but he stopped giving them money to go to school since the threats. I think that he is being a pussy and acting childish cause J**** is just bare talk he not going do nobody nothing. I told him if he doesn’t pull up his socks and be a real man in this house someone else will cause I know I still look real fucking good and men would kill for an opportunity to be with me. The lowest blow is when he said the children aint his so he aint got to support children that aint his for fathers that liming on a block and want to kill him when he pass. There is a difference between a father and a daddy, and he is their daddy and now he is dropping talk about leaving this situation because it is not healthy. I don’t know what to do now. I am tired of cowardly men, how he going to leave these children that he say he love just like them is his to suffer?

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