Dear Dominus “Convince him: 08/11/2017


Dear Dominus. I have a problem. I love getting eaten and my man had a bad experience with two of his ex while eating her pussy. The first one she was nasty as hell and she gave him hives on his lips convince-him-2because she never used to bathe hherself properly and he had to get expensive treatments to get the go away. The next one, she was sitting in his face and her period came all in his mouth and face, he claim a big set of blood was gushing down and she thought she was orgasming but it was pure blood. He was tapping her to get up but she didn’t move she just wuk up all on he face and nose. She was on top him and riding his face and he could not push her off and he had to endure the blood until she was satisfied. convince-himThis made him decide that he is never eating pussy again but Dom I really love getting eat that is the only way I can come. I tried telling him my period is no where close to coming but he is determined not to go down anymore. Is there any suggestion that you can say that I should say to him? He also belives that her period  came out of the blue too. Dominus this man cant fuck to save he life but he is good otherwise and I want to settle down with him but I know me if I am not getting eat I will crave it and cheat and I want him in my life. A lot of people would say sex is not important but i know it is and he doesnt want to listen cause he think that his game is good but he does come in 3 minutesteaser-6 and he dicky small as shite. I try to play with myself but i does cant get it do, only getting eat does make me cum. Dominus please help me, I like I got to get a rat dicky but i dont really want that.

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