Dear Dominus “Come to my senses” 23/04/2019


Dear Dominus. This woman tell me that I cold but I don’t want to be a cunt. Dominus I will tell you my story and you could tell me what going on. I did by Mapps and I see this sweet girl I could tell that she mind did on something else. She didn’t look too bad so I throw lil talk at she and she give me she number. She tell me she foot hurting she and she aint feel like walking home although she live short in **** so I drop she home. On the way home the woman strat crying and say she in a bare stressful situation and we sit down and reason long as shite in the car end up eating all the food and still talk some more. She had a money issue. She get send home and her son get sick so she had to deal with her son, and then she bills get pile up and now it get to the point where bailiff calling and even one of she bills gone court wid a court order to pay or hold piece of jail. I tell she well hear tune, I can do a lil something cause I aint hungry and help you with the big one cause she seem like a nice girl and thing. When I tell she so the woman get happy in one and give me head right there till I cum in she mouth and then turn round and tell me that I gotta fuck she. Dominus this woman so kinky that she suck my balls again till I did hard and then and I end up fucking live in the car.ae68bd1ae817b731b84ecfa12cad972b-22 I tell she well I appreciate the lil sex but I got a woman and I went to the ATM and give she the money to help she out and thing. From there this woman start messaging and calling me and without giving she a title she become my outside woman. Sex was coming often, she used to beg me to come down by she all the time and she was moving like she real into me and she aint got no man cause although she live with she grandmother she give me a key and at anytime I could come without calling and turnkey and she dey no problems. I get comfortable and start helping she with she bills giving she money every 2 weeks to break it down. I went with she and we tell the people that we know it in arrears but she will pay X-amount from now on and them agree and everything did cool. A year and a half later I did dey and she was cooking and I hear a big knock on the door and it was a bailiff with papers in he hand. I ask what he want and he ask for she cause he wont talk to me he aint know me but I stand up close and it did de same bill I was giving she money every 2 weeks for. When he leff I ask what she was doing with my fucking money and she tell me helping she son but Dominus I was giving she money for she son too and she ask me if I could help she out again cause it was only the first money that I put in she hand that she pay a whole year she was taking money and hiding that she aint paying and I thought I was helping she. I cruel and tell she fuck right off and went home and now she get reckless and calling me all the time when she know I with my woman and talking about she don’t give a fuck if she find out about her if I can be a dog she can be one too. She calling talking about that the man say she got 2 weeks to get the money and she know I can help cause I have it and she will call till I come to my senses. What you feel I should do Dom, cause this woman out to tell my personal woman that I had she all this time and I was giving she money too cause I cut she off. You feel I should just continue and pay de money?

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