Dear Dominus “Come by me” 14/05/2019


Dear Dominus. Dom, let me tell you this story and tell me what you woulda do. Well I does talk to this woman, she give me she number at a party my cousin had. When I start to reason with she, she say she got a man so we can just be cool. I tell she about the outside man thing but she never bite, she say she never do it and she just about she man. Over the time we get close and she would call me everyday and we would whatsapp all the time. Woman would tell me bout she problems, she man everything. Only time I didn’t used to hear she is over the weekend cause she used to spend it by she man so I never call I respect that but bright and early Monday morning as soon as she get work she would message me and tell me she miss talking to me. I would tell she well come by me and she would say I real cool and she know what going happen so she aint going come. I tell she anytime she come out by me it n and she say she know so. So a Friday night she call me at 1:30am asking part I is. I ask she y, she tell me she and she man at it and she just walk out the house she ain’t want to go back there or she going stab he. She give me directions and I went for she, this woman in a short rangate skirt and a belley out top. She tell me carry she by me she just aint want to be round he. I carry she dey and she ask me where the bedroom is, she kinda high and sweet, and she gone straight and lay down sprawl out like superwoman, one knee up next foot straight. Dominus I turn on the light and she skirt all by she waist and she aint got on NO PANTY. db2d53196c94274c87f74f7c8b93822c-14She eyes did closed and she half sleeping drooling. Dom I remember I tell she if she ever come by me it is cocky. I sit down on the bed and start to finger she, she moan soft and breathe different and start moving she waist. I start singing BrutalCr**** song and I back my cock and ease up and ring it in she cunt ya RH. At first she aint wake up first stroke when I put it in but when I really sink it in she jump up and start moaning hard. Woman did moaning and trying to push me back but I know woman like it deep and hard cocky. I had she couldn’t talk and bare mumbling she did talking. I remember she tell me she on the pill cause she man trying to breed she so I come in she pussy and roll over. When I done and lay down I see she was crying and I ask she what happen and she ask me why I rape she for. Dominus I don’t know how a woman expect to come by a single man dat live alone in a short skirt no panty and lay down sprawl out and don’t expect me to feel no wey. Besides I tell she if she ever come by me she going get foop so she know what did going on. She curse me and get on bad like I do she something but all when I did pelting cock she was moaning and even wukkup on it. I sure I even hear she say she cumming. Dat sound like rape to you? I tell she carry she cunt and go back by she man if she going to talk cunt and she cry and say she going sleep in the front house she just want to be by sheself. I don’t like foolish talk, but tell me what you think Dom. Now she don’t call me at all, but I know for sure I aint do she nuttin, and she cant tek out that fooping I give she.

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