Dear Dominus “Clicked like fate” 07/05/2019


Dear Dominus. Sorry this is not your usual sexual letter but I really need some advice. I went to the beach with some girlfriends and I met this guy who was also with his friends. From the time I saw him and he saw me we could not take our eyes off each other. I felt a bit naked, not because I had on my 2 piece bikini but because I did not have on my face. I usually do but this time I was rushed out the house and I broke my own rule. Dominus I saw him about 11am with his friends and we ended up being one big group liming, taking pictures 29-2and uploading to social media like we knew each other for years and even buying a few pizzas from Che*** across the street and even after our friends went home we stayed and watched the sunset because I could not get enough of this guy and he couldn’t get enough of me. We just clicking like fate. I didn’t want to move fast but we ending up kissing and stuff, (No Dom, he didn’t touch my privates) for a while and it was amazing. I was so turned on thought I wanted to do more but I did not want him to think that I was a THOT. The next few days we lived on each others phones and I heard him every moment of the day. We couldn’t wait till weekend so we did dinner on Wednesday night at ****. This is when things changed. When he saw me he looked right pass me. I walked up to him and he was literally still looking for me. I was like hey stop pretending and from that he was like wow, I didn’t recognise you with all that makeup. At first I thought it was a compliment but in his face he wasn’t looking at me like before. During dinner I asked him what is wrong and he told me he prefers me natural and he really is not a fan of makeup. The thing is Dom, he saw me the one day out of a whole and usually I would wear my waterproof stuff to the beach as well. I did several makeup courses and makeup is kinda my life. I don’t do makeup professionally but I always help out my girls with their face whenever necessary. I mean I LOVE makeup, and he doesn’t/ He told me that I am beautiful without it but I don’t think so. He begged me to try it and the next weekend we went out as a group again to party and I was the only clown without my face and my friends were like EWW but he was smiling. They said dont let no man dictate my pace or make me look pop down but he was so happy to show me off and kept tellign everyone that I am so beautiful and he will invite them to our wedding. They took me to the bathroom and we did the basics and then he became a bit standoffish. untitled-collage-3-1I feel better and more confident with my face on but it is offensive to him. He doesn’t try to kiss me and he is standoffish when I have it on but that time when I was at the beach he was all over me and before I went to the bathroom he was also all over me. I don’t know now, because pleasing him is making me uncomfortable and I feel like an eyesore but then when I am in my comfort zone my friends and I are happy but then I am sad that a potential good man doesn’t feel me. So guys, please be honest and girls help me who understand. Do you guys really prefer no makeup? He told me a little lipgloss is fine but not too much and he told me he HATED my lashes. Should I be natural for him or should I look for someone who likes me the way I love to be. The thing is, he seems to be a really good man and willing to be with me totally. This has been 2 weeks that we speak and I already have the code to his phone and I have driven his car but he just doesn’t look me in my eyes when I am made up. He is trying not to be rude but stupsing directly in my face but I see his head and eyes roll when I look away. Please help.

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