Dear Dominus “Broken Terms” 02/08/2019


Dear Dominus, u can belive dis fucka fa trut. Afta 2 week a we dealin i giv he my pucy in good sence I went to colleck my 2 kostumes Dom n non aint pay off n de rassole slug aint ansaing he only pay de depasit like cunt. How deshonist some liards is wid he stinkin jonhie. I feel I shud go n get he lock up for rapes wha u thnk Dom he say he do sumting now duck like tief n wha i goin do all my fren kostume pay fa Dom n he no where when i c he go fucks he up u feel i should go po-po fa he rassole cause he fucks me upsto wed nite nuff hours aint gone I nly bade 2 times he DMA still n me? Dom I giv *******  liv n ******* driv  ******** I wud tell he fuckin wif r girl whoeva if he don brin wha is mines b4 5 I giv he til 5 den u goin hear my mout it gots no covrs I giv zeros fucks yc. If uno nybody ca hel me I waaa jum wid my frends 4day n kadomant hel set me up wid a man who got moneys to hel me out I disperit rn.


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