Dear Dominus “Borrow” 14/05/2018


Dear Dominus. I have a question to ask you before I go mental on this man. Now I was in a tight spot and I call my friend to borrow some money. He start claiming that he break and although I never do this, I ask him if there is anything I could do to convince me to lend me the money cause it was real urgent that I had to get it before the next morning. Before all of you people judge me, it was to take my child to FM*** and if she needed any medication and how she was acting I wanted her to go before morning. Anyhow, he tell me he did always want to eat me and I was like seriously? I mean this man does play with my daughter every time he see she and he wanted me to stoop so low. I tell he fuck right off and go and eat ya mudda and press out. I try everybody and nobody couldn’t come through for me and I end up calling he back although it scrawl my skin. He tell me the stakes gone up and I will have to give he everything if I want to borrow he money or not he leaving it in the bank. I tell he OK and he come and I let he do what he had to do in he car outside the house. Dominus I never feel so nasty but it was for my child. I did just want and tell he hurry up cause I want to take **** to the doctor and he was taking he time, he aint only eat me, he foop me with he sweaty self the smell still at the back of my nose. I tell he wait for we cause I aint had  no trans-p and he give me a drop down and I had to beg he to wait for we to carry we back home from the doctor. sick girlAll he was talking bout going down de road was I should be glad he good at sex and mek me cum but if ya play with anybody privates no matter if them want it or not ya could cum but he was acting like I like it and want he. He keep asking when he could see me again and I was trying to be calm and quiet cause my daughter does pick up things real fast and I dont like she hear certain things but he aint  got that kinda sense he just talk and talk. Anyhow I do what I had to do for my child, and now 3 weeks late he mekking my phone miserable for $140 but I thought that since we had sex that cancel out and he say no I borrow it so it got to pay back or it will be a big noise with he. cover-social-media-promoDominus I tell he it would have to be a  noise, but what type of man he is, I frighten for how these foolish fellas think but he telling me I wrong for thinking it was a gift it was always a loan and it is just I had sex with him as collateral. I aint working and he say if I don’t pay back I will have to pay him another way but Dom I don’t feel that right. In you opinion I still got $140 for he? He tell me he does buy sex at $40 from nelson street so I would have to give he sex 5 or 6 times cause interest gone on every day and I have to pay he for Taxi work to and from FM* if I don’t come up with he money or it going be problems.

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