Dear Dominus “Between 2 Minds” 25/10/2019


Dear Dominus. Dem got this girl, straight talk she belong to de ******* block. All de men pon de block hit this thing, sometimes 3 men at a time. When I say all de men I mean ALL de men even de bossimages327ihonr dat does come and drop off weed from off *******send men to fuck cause she does fuck like a whore in blues den pussy does cream and always slimy. Plus too she is a girl she would watch de men stash or hold de men **** cause she is a woman and police dont search she so easy. She is a girl dat when she smoke or go out with the men and jones she does want buddy before she go inside by she granmudda and she know all de men girl 2 but she don’t care she just like to fuck, real thing. halloween-party-2019De woman does say she got a high sex drive and she love doggy bad as RH No girls don’t like she cause dem know she don’t give a fuck and does fuck we dats why she always with de men. Well a night we was outside smoking and it did just 2 a we and for the first time we reason and I see she as a person for the first time and not de block rat. She went home by me and I fuck and this time she fuck me different and she tell me fuck she raw cause we feel real and not like a fuck. I do um and real talk we start linking up on the low when nobody aint outside or I would go in first and den she would come through the paling gate and sleep by me even when she got she bleedings she does give me necks and brains ghetto-ebony-hood-rat-amateurs-have-sex-gangbang-7make sure I good and get up 4:30 -5:00 and go home. Dom real talk I like she and she does tell me she love me I is de first man that treat she like something other than a fuck and she does move with me cool. She say she want to come out and be my girl fa real but I know I would cant live it down out hey dat I got de girl everybody does fuck even a 14 year old fella dat still in school fuck this thing. She say she willing to cool she self and only give she pussy to me from now on but I know de backlash from saying she is my girl. She ask me if we cant move in the country and live together but I aint got no money to rent nowhere like dat and even so ppl would still know. I reason with she all this and she tell me she thought I did different but I is just like all de rest just want to fuck but Dom dat aint true I like she on a real. She tell me fuck off and start back jonesing with the men on weekends and I did feel bad when I hear she inside the blockhouse getting wash off but I aint say nothing. She come out and pass me straight and look back in my eye and call me in. She reason and tell me she can see how I feel but I gaffing if I love she I got to claim she or she going do she thing and don’t give a fuck about she feelings for me. I between 2 minds now what to do cause de men go tell me how them bull she and break in she mouth and I want to wife she. My mudda always tell me I does like de wrong women and she like she right, so now dis is why I writing into you Dom, tek out anything that people would know who I is or she is. Safe.

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