Dear Dominus “Back-to-school suga” 19/07/2019


Dear Dominus. I don’t understand how this is fair. I met this man 8 years ago when my son had just been born. We went through so much together. Yes Dominus he was married but his wife never understood him like I did. She never did the things that I did for him in bed. I even used to wash the whole family clothing cause she was too lazy and too busy working to take care of her family. He was a great man to me and my son used to call him ‘Paa’ cause he used to see him as a father figure. What figure would he be now. He looked up to him. Is that what he is teaching my son to abandon his responsibilities? We were so good together he even bought me a ring sugar-daddy-sugar-daddies-sugar-babies1-300x249and took me out often to fancy places. Isnt there a law which makes him obligated to continue? Dom I need help I am not good with these big time laws. Ever summer vacation he would take him in town and buy whatever he needed and wanted for school, books, every single item on the list and more backtoschool4614-450x303 even those expensive No*** bags and $300 and up shoes for school and games wear. Now Dominus, this man has the guts to look at me and say that what he was doing was wrong and he is going back to live a simple humble life with his wife. Dominus I sucked his hairy balls and licked his anus for 8 years and do all types of things with this man how could this be fucking fair to me and to my son to just walk out on us. He used to sleep by me till 3am and he had a toothbrush and clothes and everything. Technically I was his common law wife and I want justice for all I have done for him. All those years I spent dedicated to him. I know within my heart that I deserve some kind of money from him. Alimony, something should be paid to me for all my pain and suffering. I told him I would tell his wife about all the trips overseas and the 2 times I aborted his child and all he could say is go ahead, he has already made his peace with her. How the fuck you can make peace with de devil cause she is a pure devil to treat him like that all these years. If it wasnt for me he wouldve gone mad long time. Dom dont that count for something? I think so… Dominus I can’t afford all these expensive back to school things that he has spoilt my son with. How can I bring him from brand name to no name and even if I can get some of the things I cant afford to get all. His father was killed a long time ago and I am truly a single mother. What can I do Dom. If he doesn’t come back soon before September, I need to find me a friend who can help me out with my son. I can handle most things, I can find a roommate cause my hubby used to help me with the rent and bills as well but for now I am really worried about this back to school shite it is killing me, I losing weight thinking about it,  so I really need kinda a back-to-school suga all now. I am open up to everything in terms of sex and I would do whatever it takes to make my son happy and comfortable Dom. If you know anyone pass on their info. Until I get some sort of compensation from this man, I am in desperate need of help.

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