Dear Dominus “An easy Deal” 26/06/2019


Dear Dominus. I asked my bf for money to jump in **** (crop over band) and he told me he had an easy deal and it is only if I let him have a 3some with **** (one of my friends. He works for bigup money he a little older than we but does treat me real good. He has been looking at her for a while and I don’t mind getting the kinky fun. I asked her and even before I finished the question she she yes right away. It is like she was expecting it. She told me to tell him that she needs a costume too. He said only if it happens for the rest of the crop over season and he is allowed to hit it raw. I was so shocked that when I told her what she said she was like ok cool np with her once we go to some of the events on weekends. Well the first threesome  happened last weekend and he made the deposit on both of our costumes online and the thing and he bought tickets for Soca ** and bashmen **** for 2 weekends in a row and told me remember our arrangement. The thing is that they were so comfortable with each other and I was the one who seem to be the third wheel during sex they wer all over each other with passion kissing and fooping like them in love. Another thing is he made me eat her but say she aint have to eat meki and make me do everything to her while he lay back and she enjoy. During sex he asked her in her ear if he could cum in her I over hear and she said yes and I said hell no and try to pull he off but she wrap she foot round he waist and he push me off he did it anyways saying she was ok with it and its all part of sex. Dom I know the costumes are expensive and we are not working at the moment everyone saying we need more experience but not hiring but do you think that I made a mistake with this agreement? U think that they will continue this sex thing after kadooment?

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