Dear Dominus “Always later” 02/04/2020


Dear Dominus. This is the first time I ever live with a girl 2 a we under 21 so I hope this question don’t sound foolish. This is also my first apartment only 3 months now and we put together and pay the rent to get from by she mother who don’t really like me and she dealing. I is a man who love to see my girl in sexy pantys I buy most of then for she and before we move in when she come by me she always had them on or when I go there she would be wearing them for me. Now that we move in together I realise she does only wear the sweet ones when she going work or out with she gfs and wear the regular ugly granny ones gpjnews-uganda-aa-body-extensions-31-web-jpgwhen she home with me or going sleep. Even we does have less sex now that we move in it is like I did better let she stay by she mother so we could have the exciting sex we used to have in the gallery under the moonlight, but now she always tired and too busy and it can always happen later cause we live together aint no rush no more. Dom ask the women on your page if this means she dealing with somebody at work or when she goes out to she meeting a man cause I does only see the sweet ones on the line nowadays or when she take them off to go and bade before she put on she washout stretch out ones to lay down with me.

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