Dear Dominus “Ah beggin” 03/04/2019


Instead of me posting a regular letter, I will post a Whatsapp convo from a lady (R***)  who needed advice a week ago.

Dear Dominus

March 30, 2019


(R***01:48)       Missed Call

(R***01:48)       Missed Call

(R***01:48)       Missed Call

(R***01:48)       Missed Call

(R***01:48)       Missed Call

(R**01:49) Dom… u out? Plz tell me u out? U up at least? U could cum for me? Or u could send somebody 2 help me? Helloooooo?

(DominusPhd 01.50) Hi, wha u doing calling me late doa, I does sleep next 2 a woman. U going mek me get blame fa u? Wha could be so urgent somebody dead?

(R**01:50) I might dead if u don’t help me. De foolish car wont start, and worst part bout it, I went by the man I tell u bout and my man tink I on a 10 – 2 cruise. He is de only body who does get dis old car fix when it doing cunt and I can’t call he cuz I park right in front de man house. He would kill me if he know I borrow he car to go by this fella.

(DominusPhd 01:55) Call Roadside rescue.

(R**01:55) I tink bout dat already. He cheap self get 3rd party ins no roadside. He sa he is we own roadside.

(DominusPhd 01:55) Call a wrecker.

(R**01:55) U gun give me recker $$$ I brek.

(DominusPhd 01:56) He know wha de man house look like r wey he live?

(R**01:56) No. but he know I aint supposed to be no wey bout hey he would ask 2 much ??? He wud mek a scene outside he aint got na filter. I aint smell like alcohol nor smoke and I just dun bade and wash out my pussy.

Wha to do? I cant leff de car hey and jus now de cruise gun dun and he will start calling.

(DominusPhd 01:57) De man inside u just fuck can’t help u?

(R**01:57) He say he aint know nuttin bout cars and he mussie sleeping already he got 2 go work for 4:30 in de morning. I did hey fa 20 mins trying 2 get this shite start. Wha 2 do? You can’t come fa me? Please? r call a mechanic? Ah beggin Please?


What would be your advice to this lady to get out of her situation?

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