Dear Dominus “Afro” 08/08/2018


Dear Dominus. I think I started to deal with a man who has the weirdest fetish I ever hear about. He always telling me he like pussy hair, I tell he my pussy always bald I get wax. Dom, this man don’t touch me until it is the final 2 weeks when it start to grow back and I due for a wax. Another thing he does do, he does lick under my arm and jerk off. I catch he nuff times in my sleep smelling my underarm and jerking off, sometimes he even lick it. He does sleep with he face under my arm and just before I ready for a wax he face in my pussy. kink-link-aug-11-pt2Is this hair fetish normal? Thing is, when I meet he, he never used to gie me any money. I ask a few times and he would always cry, but he offer to give me $150 every week if I let all of my pubic hair just keep growing. Before when I had no hair, he was soooo withdrawn and never into me. He would always be quiet and sad and never had anything to say in conversations. I got a child to send school so I letting it grow since beginning of June and it getting uncomfortable but the money is good. I never had so much hair on me before but this man is in heaven and cant leave me alone. He lets me know everywhere he is going, he even let me put an app on he phone that I can track his whereabouts to let me know he just about me. All this and he treats me good, but at the price of uncomfortable hair and him licking, sucking and smelling the sweat from my underarm 38169and vagina after I come home from work. Do you think it is worth it? I save all the money he has given me so far and this week I will have $1500 and a pussy and underarm afro out this world.

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