Dear Dominus “About Him” 06/03/2019


Dear Dominus. About 5 years ago, I had this boyfriend. At the time he was cool, but a big financial burden to me. Thing is, he had this dream about working for himself, and money wasn’t coming in as fast as it should so he would always borrow money from me, to pay it back when he gets his cheque from a contract and this cycle was never ending. I basically financed his day to day living until he got paid, he would then pay me back and then after that money runs out the cycle would start again until he was paid. kink-link-23-marThis was too much for me so I ended it. After years of unsuccessful relationships, I saw him out and we talked. We drank a few drinks together and for the first time I did not have to pay. Being with him rekindled the spark I had always saw in him cause the only reason that we had finished was because of his situation because he never cheated or disrespected me in any way, unlike the others I had been talking to after him. I started calling him back, I invited him out a few times and he came once he had the time and we actually had a good time. I told him to let us try again because I still love him and this is when he got on his high horse. He told me that I didn’t want him when he was broke so why want him now that his business is finally successful. He claimed that I saw his new truck and probably heard about his big contract and that is why all these women coming around now. I honestly didn’t know about any of it. Yes I saw the truck but I didn’t know it was his. I thought he had borrowed it but I never asked a question. He started saying that who had his back when he was poor can have his back when he has money. He has dismissed us trying again but I can see a great future for us. Dominus how can I convince him that I never knew about his success and that I do not want him for his money and that I am really about him and settling down with him.

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