Dear Dominus “5 Year Open Relationship” 9/12/2016


Dear Dominus, I am hurting and heart broken. The man I love loves another woman. We were dealing for about 5 years in an open relationship. So I know that there would open-relationship-3always be women and I was to be the only constant. He is drifting away emotionally from me but when he wants sex he still gets sometimes 4 times a week. Hardly anyone knows we are partners, seeing us you just think we are good friends. We just go out and lime or have a drink or play pool or exercise but behind doors we are the perfect couple. Now he only sees be for just sex. He works for the B……. D…… F…. and I have a nice job at ****** So keep a low profile. I was with him when he thought he had this woman pregnant helped paid for doctor visits and all because I can’t give him a child and I knew he wanted. Then it turned out not to be his and is now his God daughter who he loves dearly but keeps telling me how he wished she was his. This man dickey so sweet the sweetest red dickey I ever got and the sweetest ********. I love to kiss it everytime i give him heads and he likes my pieced nipples.The first time he fucked me on the beach I know I wasn’t letting him go. What is really upsetting is that this girl seemed to come from nowhere. He told me about the girl at his workplace he and his friends fucked late at night when the ****** sleeping. Even all the women he met and fucked same nught bare back.he only recently started using condoms and might foop one or two bare back but he started acting funny from his birthday which was in September. So I started to follow him ever chance I got. He told me he had to work late and he don’t know if he will be able to play pool nor have a drink as planned cause he will be tired or he can’t come over he too tired to drive or he feeling sick. I said I’ll bring some dinner I cooked he said I ate , I asked when he told me few minutes ago a friend gave him some food. Now this man don’t just don’t eat from anyone just so and loves my cooking. So I say okay I going by him. He lives with his mother so I parked my car by the ************* and walked by him and see the car home. Si called him and how work is going he said good he will just be there a few more hours then he will sleep. I got so angry, I went back to my car and sat and waited until he drove out. I followed him to her house. He lied. So I asked him about this girl he has from **************. He said that his cousin and she was crying because a family member died so he went to console her. Dominus I knew lied because I was by her window listening but the neighbour turn on light and was peeping, so I left. So now I tell myself I have to watch out for her and his feelings for her because he always told me about other women but her. He had up her pic for her birthday but the mistake he made is have it up again.i asked him who is this he sa is he cousin i aaked how comes you have up here pic, he likes it. All this time i saying this girl look fimilar and i went on his ig and saw her picture. Last her for her birthsay she was a close friend. I started to follow him more he always going into town then I realise she works at ************** in town. open-relationship-7He does be carrying things for her all the time. I was so angry that night I went to flatten all four of her tires but the neighbour was peeping. I went back several nights after but the car was parked funny so I forgot about it because it isn’t her that wronged me. I decided to plan a trap for him I was to have my kids last weekend but I told my ex wife to keep them. I followed him to down south coast they couldn’t decide but then then settled at *****. They ate they drank the laugh all the while he messaging me telling me how he want to taste my back pussy tonightopen-relationship and how he misses feeling my cock inside him. I told him come by me for 1am. They were leaving around 1130 and I saw them kiss and left. So I followed him, and he went an unusual route up *********and turned into the gas station bought something and came out. Then started to head by her. He got there went in and fucked for about 45 minutes. Then they went sleep. I sat in my car crying this man has a big man like me crying. I called his phone like 4am when he normally wakes no answer. I blocked my number so he would think its someone from work and calling about 10 times last few times he answered whispering. The last time he didn’t answer but I shortly saw him walking out. He passed me straight and drove home. I got in my car and followed him home. He told he I’m too emotional I know he has to keep the straight image just he likes her. I said know you love her. He said if I don’t stop following him and acting up he would have to leave me. When inside and left me outside. Took me out Saturday night fucked me and I fucked him like nothing happened. We made breakfast and ate then I saw him in phone smiling it was her. He then quickly put on his clothes and went home. The last fucking straw was tuesday night i calling him no answer so of course went by her his car wasnt there, so i went to go by him and saw him in the roundabout heading St. James. He got out and this man opened the door and they start kissing. This man fat and short and look old as fuck.He not only dealing with her but another ugly fat man man. I can’t take this shite anymore I left my wife and kids for him. I gone to break it off and guess what he isn’t home neither is he answering the phone and it’s only 8pm. Called his phone again no fucking answer I ain’t even bother to find out where he is. When he had the girl i still wanted the dickey but now thats anybody dickey and this isn’t anybody back pussy. Who knows how long he was horning me. Dominus he doing to much people I am done. I want him to know don’t bother calling me.

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