Dear Dominus “$30 Bottle” 23/04/2020


Dear Dominus. I wud rely lik de cuntry 2 open bac up cuz this lockdone ting fucks wit my $$. I hav fren he giv me gud $$$$$$$cccc I uses jus gaw sit done in face n poops. He marrd n tin buts wiv na but nain so. Hobyie fa me ez so a gud 300$c eva  fri n topips sr8 n my han na sex na nain lick pussie n poop, jerk heself. 300$c ta sit done da ez. Nw Carona gv cereal dictancin he drop jar n funil by my gait in bag21 n he day n pass lata I dies be hungrie n gts air n poops in bottel n cova donwe fass fass n he onli gv me 30$c fa a wle bottel of poops. Dom u tink da fair I gts ta eat onli 60$c n topips in my han na feds my chile da can do nain open up d islan I cant liv so uh bg ya Doma helps me we hungrie bad bad I can hol out b son I do fa he eva ting


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