Dear Dominus “28/11/2018” Outside


Dear Dominus. Let me first start by saying I was born out of wedlock my father was married so was my mother and they had an affair and I came into the picture my father passed away this year in 2018. I attended the funeral some of his family members knew about me but no one ever said anything because they did not want to tarnish his reputation so I was kept a secret most of my life from his family my mother never really told me much to be honest about him I had to find out stuff my own a couple years back I saw one of my uncles passed andfri-night4 I saw some of my family names in the obituaries and I think that they should know who I am so I tried to tell them do you know the ones I spoke too thought I was trying to scam them because my father and his family had a dollar bill anyways they went to my uncle who was a police and asked him about it mind you he knew me from the time I was 12 years old because I introduced myself to him and as soon as he retired he cut connections with me because he did not want me call him and his wife found out who I was he told the family members to block me because he did not know who I was and stopped talking to me you knew they did exactly as he said I tried to get into contact with my father on several occasions but my reaching out to him failed because there made it seem like I was causing the funeral clearly I could tell my uncle did not want me there as he embarrassed me from the time I arrive until I leave knowing the type of person I am I decided to ignore him and leave he did all of this because although my father is dead he does not want my father wife to find out he had another child but eventually she would and he already has my sisters and stepmother brainwash I tried telling her about the situation via facebook and both she and my sisters blocked me I realized that a uncle of mine whom I met two years ago stopped talking to me because my same uncle found out and told him it is best he has nothing to do to me the thing is they are behaving like I went and called my father and what hurts is this said uncle has no children of his own and had to adopt someone else own and I am his blood and he is treating me this way no one would ever believe this is the same uncle that we had a close connection and everyone use d to ask him if I was his daughter and he always used to say one of my brothers child but not mine to add the icing on the cake my father left a will and did not even leave me a sweetie but what I said is that as a grown man my father should not let anyone turn his mind from me but we were not that close so if someone he was close to tell him something it is so he would not ask questions and I guess they were pissed because when he was living I tried to contact my sisters via facebook also but they blocked me so in turn I had to use my cousin own to get in touch with them again and they did the same but am I wrong if I just forget those people even exist? because clearly my uncle is running things and what he says goes thing is my father told of his close brothers about me and I did not know until he passed when a family member whispered to him and say you know eve*** had an outside daughter his reply was I knew that everysince just I did not say anything but this uncle is taking this thing to a whole other level no wis it because I don’t have any status in society what if they looked in the paper tommorow and saw I graduate from college how would they behave.

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