Dear Dominus “It in Yet?” 31/05/2019

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Dear Dominus. I know I aint no rasshole Mandigo I got a pecka. I measure it already and it is 4 1/2 inches strong and it tek me a while to accept that when girls does tal kabout them want a 12 inch dicky moving them belly. Well Dominus I get pass this fear and I start talking to women […]


Dear Dominus “I got my needs” 10/05/2019

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Dear Dominus. It is my sister who start me thinking about this but the thing is, my girl does move so quiet I don’t know what exactly to think. Well My woman was pregnant about 6 months ago. She got a miscarriage and we had to to go the doctor for her to do something to let it pass smoothly. […]


Dear Dominus “Real Ungrateful” 08/03/2019

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Dear Dominus. I don’t understand how some women think, they so backward and don’t appreciate when something good is happening in their life. They don’t appreciate the good men, how hard they work, and they do shite and end up losing them when they could just be good make them happy. Well Dominus, I have been in a relationship with […]