Dear Dominus “Stuck” 12/06/2019

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Dear Dominus. I don’t know who else I can ask without getting a funny look or having us getting judged. Well my boyfriend and I are very happy and we both are experimental in sex. He loves me to lick his asshole but he would never say that in public furthermore he would deny that it ever happens. Me I […]


Dear Dominus “It in Yet?” 31/05/2019

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Dear Dominus. I know I aint no rasshole Mandigo I got a pecka. I measure it already and it is 4 1/2 inches strong and it tek me a while to accept that when girls does tal kabout them want a 12 inch dicky moving them belly. Well Dominus I get pass this fear and I start talking to women […]


Dear Dominus. “Liard” 28/05/2019

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Dear Dominus. My man is a good man but he has a major problem. He is a notorious liar. I mean when I catch him in a lie I does ask why the ass he lie about something so silly and he says he doesn’t know. Dominus I would watch him drink my juice out the fridge and when I […]


Dear Dominus “The New Mr.” 27/05/2019

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Dear Dominus. When me and Mar**** done 2 years ago, I told myself that I don’t want to be that girl that all over the place getting foop bout by guys who I am not in a relationship with. When I thought me and this guy was working to something positive he was just using me for sex and he […]