Dear Dominus “Personal Man” 22/07/2019

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Dear Dominus. So Dominus explain how women does think cause I can’t understand them. Last year when I was out I see a sexy girl and one of my friend give me the low down info about she. Woman did dress in this short see through dress and a panty and she ass cock off I could imagine brekking off […]

(Original Caption) Tamara I, Prime Minister of the Rastafarian nation declared in the U.S. Virgin Islands, is at left. He was born Anthony Leroy in Haiti. At right is his chief advisor, Saloman Mu-sa-ya, who calls himself Ambassador General of the Rastafarian nation. Rastafarians are a cult of blacks who don't eat meat, believe in non-violence and smoking marijuana.

Dear Dominus “Did he know?” 02/07/2019

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Dear Dominus. So hear this Dom. Me and a partner of mine we does go harbour **** and sometimes in holeto** and hustle tourists. We does ell we lil craft and ting on the beach and we does generally work round dem daily cause if you hit the right link you does make it big. Once a woman carry me […]


Dear Dominus “Give Me That” 01/07/2019

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Dear Dominus. I want to hear the feedback from this situation. Well this weekend gone, me and my girl did playing a game on she phone together. A whatsapp message come up as a notification dropdown from a guy who she swear she don’t talk to no more with a questionable message. It obviously a cotinuation of a conversation cause […]